ProTxT Tire Reparative has the unique ability to last for the life of the tire due to the high quality components that are used. It will not separate or deteriorate for the life of the tire. Plugs made by ProTxT Tire Reparative are made of ceramic fibers (glass fibers). These ceramic fiber plugs last for the life of the tire. Even after 250.000- miles, ProTxT Tire Reparative will maintain its original effectiveness.
  • ProTxT Tire Reparative is a pro-active approach and dramatic improvement over aerosol flat repairs which offer temporary after-the-flat repair. ProTxT Tire Reparative prevents flats from happening and the seal is permanent with no future repair required.
  • There is often some moisture in the air used to inflate the tire. Over time corrosion will be noticeable on aluminum rims and steel rims. ProTxT Tire Reparative contains corrosion inhibitors that will prevent any corrosion of metals inside the tire or rim. The rim and wheel will be better protected from corrosion than without ProTxT Tire Reparative. Metals protected include, but are not limited to: brass, copper, aluminum, iron, steel, chrome, and magnesium alloy.
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company confirm that use of our product will not harm the tire in any way.
  • This product has an unlimited shelf life, as long as it is in an unopened container. In a tire it will last for years.
  • It is not safe to ride on any tire that has a gash in it. Often when a slash occurs in a tire containing the reparative, the air loss will be slower and more controlled than in a tire without the reparative.
  • This product has never been patented. This is a formula and a process is never to be patented. The tools have been patented by Dr. Robert McInnis, but not the product.


ProTxT Tire Reparative actually eliminates the need for balancing powders. ProTxT Tire Reparative performs the same functions as balancing powders, eliminates vibrations caused by unbalanced or out of round tires. In addition it protects against flats and maintains air pressures. ProTxT Tire Reparative cannot be mixed with balancing powders.

What is the largest puncture that ProTxT Reparative will seal?

ProTxT Tire Reparative is guaranteed to seal punctures up to ¼” in. diameter. Punctures that are larger than 1/4” are often sealed as well. This ability to seal punctures larger than ¼”. diameter is more apparent in slower moving vehicles.

What about recapping?

ProTxT Tire Reparative can be removed from the used tire casing by washing with water, using a vacuum, or by letting the product evaporate after the tire is dismounted. ProTxT Tire Reparative does not degrade the casing. In fact, re-cappers have found that ProTxT Tire Reparative helps maintain the integrity of the casing, allowing for more recaps. Existing punctures in the castings are visible due to the white color of the ceramic plug

How do you break down a tire containing ProTxT Tire reparative?

ProTxT Tire Reparative does not affect breaking down the tire any way. The water based product contains no glue or adhesives; therefore, it will not bond to the rubber or the rim. It is non explosive, non-flammable and non-combustible.

If installing ProTxT Tire Reparative in a tire not yet in service, must it be driven immediately?

No. If installing the product into tires that are not going into service immediately, ProTxT Tire Reparative will remain in the tire in its original consistency, but, it will not become effective until the vehicles is driven.

How many punctures can be sealed after ProTxT Tire Reparative is installed?

Using the recommended dosage, tires are protected from multiple punctures for the life of the tire. Testing of standard truck tires showed a 100% success rate with over 60 punctures.

Does load weight affect ProTxT Tire Reparative performance or dosage requirements?

No ProTxT Tire Reparative performs in the same manner regardless of load weight. The dosage will remain the same regardless of load weight.

How can we be sure that our tire recycling company will accept these tires with the product in it?

This product is water soluble and can easily be washed out before recycling. We have confirmation from many disposal and recycling companies, but of course this is done on a case by case basis and we will make sure to get confirmation with your recycling company prior to any agreement.

Would it be a problem for us to re-sell these tires when we are done with them?

No, this product does NOT undergo a chemical reaction with tires. It does nothing to the rubber and easily washes out.

How many objects can you have in your tire before it becomes unsafe?

Studies have shown tires riding with over 60 punctures with no issues. As long as the punctures are within the products sealing capability it is safe to run the tire with multiple punctures. FYI, West Palm Beach Waste Company had over 300 sealed punctures. Using reparative in tires is safer than not using reparative.

Will this product work with air pressure sensors?

Yes, our product does not fly around in the tire; it stays coated, while other products drip into sensor. Testing took place at Southwest Research.

How was this product tested: under what conditions, what kind of tires and was it actual on road testing or simulated?

Testing was done in research labs and on road. In the research labs, there were machines that would spin the tires, and another machine that would puncture the tires with a hydrologic piercing tool. The majority of the testing was done on road. The best way to test the product is by putting it in a number of vehicles and observing the results over a period of time. Information is located on independent test reports.