ProTxT Tire Reparative

We provide Tire Reparative products that reduce flat tires by permanently repairing punctures in the tread for the life of the tire; maintains tire air pressure, which in turn helps prevent blowouts.

ProTxT Tire Reparative

Prevents Flat Tires – This Tire Reparative has ceramic fibers and fibers of other materials. The ceramic fibers have barbs like a fish hook and the barbs attach to the rubber around a puncture. The other fibers follow up in a criss-cross formation until the puncture is filled with fibers and seals. Also, when the weight of the vehicle causes the puncture to expand, that allows more of the product to enter the puncture, further strengthening the seal. The ceramic fibers are securely fastened because they are hooked into rubber! It forms an instant plug for a permanent repair. When punctures occur, the air pressure pushes the fibers into the hole. The large fibers attach to the rubber on both sides of the hole, and then the smaller fibers pack between the larger fibers and crosshatch to form the plug. This plug is flexible and can stretch with the tire during varying conditions (examples: low inflation, full load, etc.) The repair is permanent and lasts for the life of the tire.

Maintains Air Pressure / Extends the Life of the Tire – When driving in high temperatures, tires will expand which not only causes them to crown and wear down the middle of the tire prematurely, but also it makes the tire more likely to blow out or lose tread. On the other hand, when driving in low temperatures, tires will lose air pressure, which causes the outside of the tread to wear down prematurely. Also keep in mind that when you drive on under-inflated tires, unnecessary fuel is being wasted. Our Tire Reparative is a solid-liquid, which means it has the consistency of a liquid and can become thinner when heated and then it returns to its original thickness when cooled (this process is done on a repetitive basis). With this being said, when using this Tire Reparative it will maintain a controlled temperature in the tire, which is beneficial when driving in extreme temperatures by saving the tread. The Tire Reparative also maintains the air pressure of the tire which in turn maximizes the life of the tire and of course prevents blowouts. Porosity air loss is reduced significantly. All tires have microscopic pores which allow air to escape from the tires and since this product coats the inside of the tire, it is able to seal those gaps.

For recapped tires: Does the use of this Tire Reparative interfere with retreading? NOT AT ALL. It actually helps by keeping the tire supple and soft, which allows for an extra retread. No air loss minimizes sidewall flexing maintaining the integrity of the casing. The reparative extends retread ability from 2 retreads to 3.

Provides Smoother Ride/ Prevents Rim Corrosion – Being that this is a thick liquid solution it is able to coat the inside of the tire when it is spinning. Most tires are out of round and with the product coating the inside of the tire, it helps to even out the weight distribution throughout the tire. Also, it inhibits corrosion on all metals it comes in contact with, so therefore it protects the rims. Air compressor lines often have air dryers, but even then, some water gets into the tire and on to the rim, which at times can cause rim damage. Also, many rims have some minor corrosion (pitting), which are unnoticeable to most drivers, but still cause unnecessary air loss. Again, the Tire Reparative does not corrode rims! Our product will help eliminate downtime, which often requires costly roadside assistance, decreases the cost of repairs, and extends tire life. Our Tire Reparative will save you money, and help your business operate more efficiently, by ensuring that your vehicles arrive at their destination. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind by knowing that punctures and flat tires are being prevented by ProTxT.

Note: We strongly recommend that all tires, on passenger vehicles, should be balanced prior to installing this product. Failure to do so could result in excessive amounts of tire vibration. This product does not correct balancing issues, so if a weight falls off or if a rim is bent, you may still feel a vibration. The key benefits to using this product are as follows: extending tire mileage, maintaining tire pressure, better fuel mileage and less time and money spent fixing and/or replacing tires and rims.

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